Grand Championnat

Candido Aragonez de Faria(1849-1911)
Grand Championnat wrestling poster. Research has turned up nothing regarding this Faria poster. I think this sort of poster was printed in advance and travelled ahead of the show, where local printers would add time , date and location information.


Munich Olympics c.1972 Charles Lapicque (1898-1988) In 1968, The Olympic Organizing Committee decided to produce a series of artistic posters to “represent the intertwining of sports and art worldwide.” A series of 24 sport posters and 29 Art posters were developed. This one by French artist Charles Lapicque.


signed: Schenkel (?-?)
Poster for the opening of “Sportpaleis Antewerpen” in Antwerp Belgium. When it opened in 1933, it was the largest indoor arena in Europe. Sportpaleis is still used… Billboard Magazine lists it as the second most visited event hall int the world, only Madison Square Garden has had more visitors.